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Företagsbesök hos Batmaid
Företagsbesök hos Batmaid

tis 26 mars



Företagsbesök hos Batmaid

Kom och lyssna på entrepenören Andreas Schollin-Borg VD och grundare av Batmaid. Erhåll rabattkod nedan

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Tid och plats

26 mars 2024 18:30 – 21:00

Lausanne, Av. de Rumine 20, 1005 Lausanne, Schweiz

Om evenemanget

Andreas Schollin-Borg VD och grundare av det socialt ansvarstagande och snabbväxande företaget Batmaid, som är aktivt innom hushållsnära tjänster i Europa, kommer att presentera sin egen bakgrund och hur det är att vara entrepenör och VD för ett "nystartat" multinationellt företag som Batmaid. 

18:30 - Välkomstdrink

19:00 - Presentation

19:30 - Mingel

21:00 - Avslutning

Presentationen kommer att hållas på engelska så detta är ett gott tillfälle att även ta med ej svensktalande intresserade vänner.

Förrutom Batmaid och Andreas genorisitet att bjuda in oss, så erbjuder även Batmaid alla nya kunder från Svenska klubbens nätverk CHF 30 i engångs rabatt vid en första städning genom rabattkoden SVENSKABM24. 

Läs mer om Batmaid och Andreas Schollin-Borg spännande resa nedan

About Andreas Schollin-Borg

Andreas Schollin-Borg, hailing from Lausanne, seemed destined for entrepreneurship from an early age—a passion perhaps inherited from his great-grandfather, Gustaf Sahlin, founder of Electrolux Corporation USA. Sahlin was a pivotal figure in Sweden's business arena during the early to mid-20th century, notably serving as the CEO of Electrolux from 1941 to 1952. Under his leadership, Electrolux experienced a remarkable period of growth in both turnover and workforce. Beyond his executive roles, Sahlin contributed significantly to the corporate world through his board positions in leading Swedish corporations such as AB Nomy, Bofors, and SAAB. His active participation in social, cultural, and political initiatives, including his support for the Swedish-American Foundation and advocacy for economic liberalism, marked his legacy.

Inspired by such a lineage, Andreas ventured into the business world early. By 16, he was already managing his first enterprise, a cap-selling venture, sparking his entrepreneurial spirit. Despite this early start, he adhered to his father's advice and pursued formal education in finance and ship trading at HEC Lausanne, furthered by a Master's degree from the University of Geneva. His academic journey extended to NYU, where he continued to nurture various business ideas.

Today, Andreas entrepreneurial drive has culminated in the co-founding of Batmaid and leading Batgroup as its CEO. Batgroup, the umbrella organization for Batmaid, Batwork, and Batsoft, exemplifies his commitment to innovation and leadership in the business world. Andreas journey from a young cap seller to a successful entrepreneur and executive echoes the legacy of his great-grandfather, blending tradition with modernity in the realm of business.

About Batmaid

Origin: Born in a Lausanne office, Batmaid was the vision of our CEO, Andreas Schollin-Borg, and Co-Founder, Eric Laudet. They saw an unmet need in the cleaning industry and crafted a solution that changed how people viewed cleaning services. With the power of on-demand booking, we quickly became a household name. But our mission went beyond convenience; we aimed to elevate the quality of life. By digitizing cleaning services and providing declared, insured job opportunities, we took a stand against work precarity, ensuring a safer work environment for all.

Journey: Our swift ascent saw us expanding to Zurich, Ticino, Luxembourg, and Warsaw from 2016 to 2019. However, like many, we faced challenges during the COVID era. Cleanings were halted, and our dedicated cleaning agents faced uncertainty. This pivotal moment led to a transformative decision: in 2020, we became the official employer for all our cleaning agents, birthing Batgroup, which encompasses Batmaid, Batsoft, & Batwork. As we ventured into cities like Milano, Berlin, and Paris in 2021, our core mission remained unchanged: combating the black market.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Transform the cleaning industry by integrating advanced technology and setting new benchmarks for social security standards

Vision: Our horizon is clear: to enhance lives with exceptional cleaning services. We’re driven by a purpose - to uplift quality of life and standards across our diverse communities

Social Responsibility

As a leading employer in the cleaning industry, our core mission has always been to combat the underground economy. From our inception, we have been dedicated to providing cleaning agents with officially declared and insured employment opportunities. This commitment has enabled us to assist more than 7,500 cleaning agents in transitioning away from the black market since April 2015.

Moreover, we play a vital role in helping our agents navigate the complexities of the Swiss social insurance system. With over 4,000 requests for administrative support addressed each month, we offer guidance on a range of topics including social security (AVS), family allowances, and taxation. Our efforts not only enhance the well-being of our employees but also contribute to a fairer and more transparent industry.

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