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Statutes for the Swedish Club Lausanne - Geneva

§1. The club's task is to promote cohesion between Swedes living around Lac Léman

as well as for the preservation of interest in Sweden and Swedish traditions. The club is completely apolitical.


§2. A member of the club is every person who feels an affinity with Sweden and who has paid the required fees

membership fee. The club has the right to call an honorary member who, through meritorious contributions, is active

furthered its aims.


§ 3. The membership fee is determined at the annual meeting. Honorary members do not pay membership fees.

§ 4. The club's board and auditors are appointed at the annual meeting following the proposal of an election committee, if one

has been elected by the annual meeting, consisting of a maximum of three members. The members of the election committee are elected for two years

and may not be directly re-elected for more than a further two-year period. Has the annual meeting not appointed one

election committee presents proposals for the board and auditor to the board or the annual meeting.

§ 5. The club's board consists of a chairman - and a maximum of eleven other members.

a) Chairman is elected for one year.

b) Other board members are elected for one year.

c) Chairman as well as other board members may be re-elected.

d) The board appoints a vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and club master from among themselves.

e) The board has a decision-making power on at least a majority of the board members - including the Chairman

or Vice Chairman is present.

§ 6. It is the responsibility of the board to fulfill the club's task in the best possible way. The board must, among other things,

a) Manage the club's assets.

b) Prepare and hand over to the auditors the annual report and statement of the club's

income, expenses and financial position.

c) Keep a register of the club's members.

d) Determine the time and place for board meetings and club meetings.

e) Take care of the day-to-day management of the club's affairs.

§ 7. The club's signature is signed individually by the chairman and by each of two more

board members to be appointed within the board.

§ 8. Two auditors are appointed annually to review the board's administration and the club's accounts. IN

in the case where the club uses a professional accounting firm, an auditor must be appointed. The auditor or

the auditors must report on the audit.

§ 9. The club's operating year covers the period January 1 - December 31. The club holds its annual meeting

possible in the month of February on a day determined by the board. Notice to the annual meeting must be sent by post

at least one week before the meeting. Otherwise, the club meets when the board finds reason

thereto. Every member who is at least 18 years old has the right to vote at the annual meeting.

§ 10. At the club's meetings, the negotiations are led by the chairman of the board or by someone else within

board appointed member. Decisions are made by simple majority vote through open voting. Elections shall, however,

if a member so requests, it is served with closed notes. If the votes are equal, the decision is made by election

by drawing lots; in other matters, the opinion given by the chairman applies.

The statutes drawn up and revised:​

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